Donations can come in many varieties. The most common are donations of clothing, furniture, household items, electronics as well as money. Another way you can give back to your community is through acts of volunteering. Any one of these types of donations is critically needed to help support needy individuals and families here in the Bowling Green area. The donation you make is placed in the hands of our families who are in need of help to get themselves back on their feet. Without your help many of these individuals would not have anyone to turn to for help. Help us today by finding out how you can help.

Donate Gift Cards

You can now donate your gift cards to St Vincent de Paul! Most major brand gift cards (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Bass Pro, Kroger and hundreds more) convert to cash donations!

New or partially used cards can be donated for cash! Its easy to do and your donation is tax deductible! Simply complete the form below and submit. A tax receipt for the current value of the gift card will be sent to your email address. It’s that easy!